Dating asians accepted

01-Jun-2017 20:54

In addition to these conventional gang activities, it's also common for Asian gangs to compete with Black and Latino gangs for turf.But their specialty, for which they've received a lot of media and law enforcement attention, is a type of robbery called a "home invasion." Home invasions occur when the gang breaks into family's home or small business, tie up all the family members, and terrorize them until the family produces valuables or money. In fact, the phenomenon of Chinatown gangs around the country (most famously in New York City) has been the subject of much attention and academic research starting from their initial appearance in the late 1800s and continuing through modern times.Like their Italian, Irish, and Jewish counterparts who came to the U. back in the 1800s and early 1900s, many Asians struggle to adapt to a new country and social environment and challenges of making a living, whether they are immigrants themselves, U. Many Asians feel overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, and even angry as they try to adjust to living in the U. Many times they don't have enough job skills or English fluency to find steady and meaningful work.

This greater understanding can lead to less fear of enlisting the help of the police and makes it easier for the police to get leads and tips from the Asian community about gang activities.The family may also fear retaliation from the gang if they report the home invasion to the authorities. In fact, a recent study by the Department of Justice found that among all the major racial/ethnic groups, Asian Americans are the least likely to report violent crimes committed against themselves to the police.Further, recent Asian immigrants are more likely to keep their valuables and money hidden somewhere inside their house or business instead of keeping them in a bank.The police justified these actions by claiming that it was very hard to differentiate and distinguish between Asians -- an assertion that caused significant outrage among the Asian American community.

Many saw these tactics as blatant racial profiling and completely dehumanizing and humiliating for the young Asian Americans who were being harassed.Other crimes favored by Asian youth gangs may include prostitution, laundering counterfeit money (i.e., printing phony currency, going out to buy something, then returning that item to get real cash in return), selling drugs, and those based on using modern high-tech methods, such as identity theft and credit card fraud.