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Elsa drives to the bar anyway since the car belongs to Elsa. Juanita is sitting in the car trying to figure out her next move. 11) Larry works in a company that is going out of business.

The management is in legal trouble and almost never in the building.

Foster is a very talented programmer and a startup company headed by an old college friend wants him to get in on the ground floor and Foster will own a fifth of the shares of the new company.

Foster is aware that these sort of startups generally fail but the thought of being the next Steve Jobs excites him. Jacob observes two of the company security workers loading boxes of paper into a van and driving off.

Jason is pretty drunk but his coworkers seem to just be getting started. Jason wants to leave or at least stop drinking but doesn’t want to be the foreigner who doesn’t fit in. 18) Jimmy is a hair dresser and is about to make some hair dye for a customer. A customer calls and demands to talk with the manager of the bank. Yolanda is extremely attractive, about five years older and charming. John does like Yolanda but doesn’t want any trouble at work either. Joseph knows from experience this sort of mistake is almost never caught and even if caught, he will not be held not responsible since this is the responsibility of payroll. The boss signs his name to the reports and gives Keith zero credit. Keith is increasingly irritated about not getting credit but wonders if he just needs to take the good with the bad. 23) Kevin is given the job by his female superior to talk to her secretary about showing too much cleavage in the work place.

Jimmy asks for some gloves to wear since the chemicals can cause mild irritation if mishandled. Joe has been instructed not to forward calls to the bank manager and handle such calls himself. Kevin actually thinks the secretary dresses a little too sexy but not over the top.

However, Chuck often ends up going to sleep and snoring which irritates his coworkers. 7) Daniel is the new boss in a factory in Suzhou, China.

Zhou is his number two man in the government and suggests the nephew be transferred to an inactive post were the nephew will not cause problems. Daniel is pretty sure his bosses back in the US would not understand the details of “guanxi” politics in China.

On the other hand, Daniel’s US bosses are far away and also want results in China. There is one member that always makes sarcastic off topic comments after his presentations that the other employees always laugh at.

Elisa has thought of just pretending to agree with Sally or telling Sally she would rather talk about other subjects.

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Elisa suspects that Sally will be insulted if she goes with the second option. 10) Elsa and Juanita have just finished doing a house call for the company.

The company is struggling to contain costs so any solution should be cost effective.