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She then filed for bankruptcy, declaring debts of ,900 against assets of just over ,000.

Admirably, however, she reinvented herself as a yoga therapist, working for a respected Los Angeles charity, specialising in helping people who had suffered brain injuries. While the Middletons have been happily married with three children for several decades, Megan's father, Thomas Markle, doesn't have quite the same history.

Meghan calls her mother, who went back to university as a mature student and earned a master’s degree in social work, ‘her inspiration’.

On Mother’s Day last year she posted a picture of Doria on Instagram, writing: ‘Always proud of this beautiful woman.’ A few years ago, Meghan’s mother was struggling to make ends meet, with her credit cards seriously overdrawn.

Doria’s father, Alvin, ran an antiques shop and her mother was a nurse.

The modest family home was in a black middle-class area of Los Angeles.

She has talked about growing up in a bi-racial family and embracing her heritage.

Though they divorced in 1987, when Meghan was just six, Tom and Doria remained friends.

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Her forebears then strove to improve their station, such that Miss Ragland’s father, Alvin, became a prosperous antiques dealer.

Tom was earning good money, about 0,000 a year, when Meghan was in junior school.

With his passion for performing, Tom was happy to support Meghan's ambitions sending her to Hollywood's private Little Red Schoolhouse, whose old students include Elizabeth Taylor.

And two years later their beloved only daughter Meghan was born.

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Suits star Meghan credits her ‘remarkable’ parents for her success in life.

As the only known member of Meghan's family to meet the prince, Doria Ragland has already had an introduction to her daughter's royal romance.