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The low footprint agent and over 30 modules shape an extensible framework to administrate, conduct a pen-test, post-exploit, and audit remote web accesses in order to escalate privileges and pivot deeper in the internal networks.

The remote agent is a very low footprint php script that receives dynamically injected code from the client, extending the client functionalities over the network at run-time.

Watcher is a runtime passive-analysis tool for HTTP-based Web applications.

Being passive means it won't damage production systems, it's completely safe to use in Cloud computing, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting environments.

The agent code is polymorphic and hardly detectable by AV and HIDS.

The communication is covered and obfuscated within the HTTP protocol using steganographic techniques.

Once you've setup this application you can track users that you want to follow on Whatsapp.

Once it's running it keeps track of the following activities: I made this project for you to realise how broken the privacy options actually are.

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For the tracker to work you need an secret which is retrieved from either your Phone or the register script mentioned above.Weevely also provides python API which can be used to develop your own module to implement internal audit, account enumerator, sensitive data scraper, network scanner, make the modules work as a HTTP or SQL client and do a whole lot of other cool stuff.# Make sure that the python package manager and yaml libraries are installed $ sudo apt-get install g python-pip libyaml-dev python-dev # Install requirements $ sudo pip install prettytable Mako Py YAML python-dateutil Py Socks --upgrade$ sudo port install python27 py27-pip $ sudo port select --set pip pip27 $ sudo port select --set python python27 # Ideally, at this point you should install editline library ( # to have a working line completion in terminal. $ sudo pip install prettytable Mako Py YAML python-dateutil readline Py Socks --upgrade ls joomla-3.2.1 [email protected]:/var/www $ cd ..