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I didn't realize I had been in love with him until that moment. We tried to be just friends after it became clear he wasn't leaving and I wasn't sleeping with a married man, but now I realize its killing me. We've both been faithful to each other, but it's hard for both of us when our sex drives are so different.Even though the attraction had been there from the first moment we saw each other, he was married, so I never gave it a second thought. Sometimes I think she doesn't love me as much as she did at the start of our relationship, though she always says she does.It's a refreshing change from my ex-Taurus who had many personal problems that made communication difficult (and expression of my personal feelings is hard enough for me already). It builds up a greater trust between you Cancer man and Cappy woman. Some Cappy women might give second chance but it is depending on how they feel for you or if you apologize to them with a good reason.

It made my world go upside down and I remember (its now comedic to me) telling him I never wanted to speak to him and him being very understanding.He has been very patient and inquisitive with me, and supportive in a way that's different than most men.We only hung out twice in person, than proceeded to have several hour long conversations debating or dissecting what each other is trying to say.Ten years later, close to two years after losing my virginity, I slept with a Cancer man and enjoyed sex after it!

He was so powerful and it was instant drawing to him, he was almost like a teacher, except he never was real vocal but his words were carefully chosen and powerful.Almost two years later I have met another Cancer man, he has equal presence and power, well read, but really loquacious which I sometimes find very feminine.